The Department of Athletics' Vision is to create and support an environment where student-athletes can achieve athletic success at the University, Regional and National levels, while maintaining a high degree of academic achievement. It is also our goal to nurture loyalty among our graduates through their experiences in athletics.


The Department of Athletics' Mission is to provide well-rounded and competitive athletic programs as integral parts of the educational process of the University. We offer equal opportunities for male and female student-athletes to participate in a wide variety of intercollegiate sports programs and adhere to the NCAA Division III rules and philosophy. We monitor the academic progress of our student-athletes and support them in their quest to achieve academic success at the University. We provide services and activities to promote positive health and well-being of all our student athletes and administer our athletic programs in a way that contributes to the personal development of our student-athletes through the whole-person concept by fostering the growth of fair play and amateur competitions, sportsmanship, leadership, self-discipline, personal integrity and social responsibility.


In fulfilling our mission, the Department of Athletics will provide a rewarding experience to our student-athletes in a professional and enjoyable environment by displaying respect, integrity and the highest level of ethical standards.